John C. Boyd, DVM

Founder & CEO

Dr. Boyd has over 30 years experience in veterinary medicine and has owned over a dozen successful veterinary-related businesses – from hospitals and resorts, to management services and software. Dr. Boyd is considered an expert in his field and is often the first-to-market with new ventures that soon become the norm. Dr. Boyd has been the subject on numerous radio shows, television shows, magazine articles, industry panels, etc. Raising the bar of the pet care industry by educating providers and helping pet care business owners is now his main focus.

Lesli Walsh

Operations Manager

Lesli has been working with the Big Dog Ventures team since 2012. Lesli oversees all operations at each of the Dr. Boyd’s Veterinary Resorts across the country, and all Big Dog Ventures clients. With Lesli’s boarding and daycare management experience, she is also deeply involved in the development of our newest venture, “No Vacancy,” a Reservation and Occupancy Management Software. Lesli’s “active management” style is that of someone who is a problem-solver, holds her team accountable, and always expects the best from the team she manages. Lesli is highly successful at managing a large numbers of clients, staff, and vendors spread across the country, from the coast to coast.

Jennifer Boyd

Chief Brand Officer

Brand is everything from image to operations, including social media, marketing, and pouring over analytical data to see what works and what doesn’t. For Jennifer, branding is from the inside out. Since 2010, Jennifer’s eye for real estate, design, and growth has been demonstrated at the various Dr. Boyd’s Veterinary Resort locations across the country. From the distinct mid-century modern décor of Dr. Boyd’s, to the cool vibe created by specific music and visuals, Jennifer has created a special look and feel that is uniquely Dr Boyd’s. Understandably, these resorts have been highlighted in numerous local and national magazines and television shows.

Eric Altstatt

Chief Technology Officer

Eric has over 10 years’ experience in the tech industry, specializing in digital brand development and software product development. At Big Dog Ventures, Eric oversees every digital initiative for both the Dr. Boyd’s Veterinary Resort, No Vacancy Reservation Software brands, as well as optimizing the online presence of Big Dog Venture’s clients via web development, SEO, and internet marketing, Eric does it all. He loves to solve complex business problems through user friendly and intuitive solutions.

Debbie Cheatham

Finance Manager

Debbie joined the Big Dog Ventures team in March of 2017.  She brought with her over 40 years of accounting and administrative experience working in a variety of industries; including, architecture, engineering, legal and several advertising agencies. Debbie handles all the bookkeeping for all entities under the Big Dog Ventures umbrella. When she decided to make a job change, she couldn’t resist the lure of puppies and kitties in the workplace! She loves dogs… but is borderline obsessed with cats!