Current Projects

Big Dog Ventures Consulting

The formation of Big Dog Ventures in 2010 was to develop veterinary hospitals, with or without hospitality. Now, pet care associations, Dr. Boyd and the team at Big Dog Ventures for advice and insight into the industry. The guidance of Big Dog Ventures has helped hundreds of pet care facilities across the country. Whether it's a new or existing business, Big Dog Ventures' management team specializes in implementing operational flow, protocols, and procedures necessary for team environments and the success of your businesses. Coaching, educating, and mentoring team members and partners while creating cohesive partnerships within the framework of the company is paramount. The Big Dog Ventures team can quickly assess and analyze a business's problems and possibilities and redirect where necessary. Whether your business has been around the block a few years, or you are building a new facility, let us help you. Monetizing pet care businesses is what we do best.

No Vacancy Reservations & Occupancy Management Software

Big Dog Ventures is developing a completely new software for use in veterinary hospitals, dog kennels, and dog daycare facilities. No Vacancy is a dynamic, system that acts as a real-time auditor for your pet care business. The average pet care business loses $165,000 per year in missed charges and even more in unrealized opportunity. No Vacancy was built utilizing AI, to ensure every dollar is accounted for and every kennel is filled. No Vacancy has partnered with Vetspire Veterinary Practice Management Software for use in veterinary hospitals as well. Big Dog Ventures has spent years building the software that has it all! We are excited to finally be in beta testing. Be sure to sign up for updates!

    Dr. Boyd’s Veterinary Resorts

    Established in 2011, Dr. Boyd’s Veterinary Resorts led the movement of the all-inclusive pet care facility. Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, these large 12,000 – 25,000 square foot, state of art facilities, include full service veterinary hospitals, boarding, daycare, dog training, bathing, and grooming for dogs and cats. Each Resort has been designed with the comfort of the animals in mind, such as; rubber floors, high ceilings, large areas to play, and the safety of individual bedrooms for resting, sleeping and eating. Two of these Resorts (Irvine and San Diego) were sold in 2017 & 2018, realizing millions in profit.

    Mountain View Animal Hospital in Big Bear Lake, CA

    Mountain View Animal Hospital was opened December of 2022! It shortly became the #1 veterinary facility in Big Bear Lake, with daycare, boarding and bathing available 7 days a week. This hospital was built with the weather in mind: fire sprinklers, a massive generator, multiple alarm systems… this thing was built mountain strong!

    Volunteer Projects

    Big Dog Ventures is very active in giving back to the animal community, here in the United States and in Mexico. Over the past decade, Big Dog Ventures has organized several trips to help animal hospitals abroad by bringing medical supplies, medications, books, internet and even veterinarians to provide much needed continuing education and surgical services. A Sea Turtle rescue program was put in place in Mainland Mexico that protects the sea turtle eggs from poachers who believe that they are aphrodesiacs. Please contact us if you would like to participate in one of our trips, have knowledge of an area that needs help, or would like to donate to help animal hospitals and animals in need around the world. We are more than happy to help, and grateful for your participation.