Joint Ventures

New Pet Care Business

Often, a hired consultant or coach is all you need. However, at other times you want or even need a fully invested partner with a team who can help you achieve your dreams and execute your vision. To date, Big Dog Ventures has partnered on a number of business plans and pet care businesses. Before your doors open, you may feel overwhelmed by all the details of business planning, the array of design and facility choices, as well as how to broach operations and financing. We can help walk you through this exciting process, while at the same time, keeping you on budget and not letting you spend one dollar more than you need to. Many facilities we see are over built and have inefficient flows, that eventually comes down to redesigning, wasting your money and your time. Please let us step in and help you before you begin this process!

Send us an email and let’s talk about creating your vision.

Existing Pet Care Business

If you have an existing hospitality business that needs help, we have a team ready to jump in and fix your problems. During this time, we will also be training you how to operate your business the most effective, efficient, and profitable way. We can turn around a drowning pet care company in as little as a couple months – from being under water to flowing profits. Big Dog Ventures has a proven track record of being able to quickly assess and correct the errors & omissions that are keeping your business from realizing a healthy profit.

Email us today and let’s begin turning your dreams into your reality.