Founder & CEO

Dr. Boyd founded Big Dog Ventures, LLC in 2010 as a place to utilize his decades of experience in the veterinary and pet care industry. In this development company, he could raise the bar of how businesses take care of pets. Big Dog Ventures has grown so much and helped so many that public companies, national chains, banks, pet care associations, dog food companies, and national aggregators seek Dr. Boyd's advice and insight into the pet care industry. Dr. Boyd's special skills emerge when coaching, educating, and mentoring team members and partners on operating their businesses while monetizing their services. Creating cohesive relationships within the framework of the company is paramount. Teams putting Dr. Boyd's practical operational flows into action have seen the results. Helping hundreds of pet care and veterinary facilities across the country, he can assess and analyze a business's problems and possibilities by simply having a conversation.


VP of Operations

With our team since 2012, Lesli was immediately recognized as an invaluable asset. She has direct communication skills needed to command teams numbered in the hundreds simultaneously. She oversees and supports our Regional Operations Managers from coast to coast and everything in between. Lesli’s veterinary hospital and hospitality experience give her the unique talent to solve an array of issues. From lost revenue to inefficient operating systems, Lesli’s competence has pulled failing facilities from the brink of destruction back to days of rising incomes and smiling faces. Lesli’s strengths are her direct communication skills, problem-solving abilities, assembling teams, implementing systems, and keeping her teams accountable. Lesli has many nicknames, Superwoman being the most appropriate!


Chief Brand Officer

Jennifer began working with Big Dog Ventures from its inception in 2010, with a big vision of rethinking the pet care industry and its optics. Recognizing changes that needed to be made and figuring out how to make them happen are daily occurrences. Nothing is off the table from starting a company from scratch, getting funding closed, administration and performance, analytics of cause and effect, **branding and design, **marketing and strategy, and of course, revenue growth. She has a distinct way of communicating and does not beat around the bush regarding revenue and how to increase it. Jennifer’s skill is the bottom line and making it as fat as possible.


Finance Manager

Debbie joined the Big Dog Ventures team in March of 2017. She brought with her over 40 years of accounting and administrative experience working in a variety of industries; including, architecture, engineering, legal and several advertising agencies. Debbie handles all the bookkeeping for all entities under the Big Dog Ventures umbrella. When she decided to make a job change, she couldn’t resist the lure of puppies and kitties in the workplace! She loves dogs… but is borderline obsessed with cats!


Regional Operations Manager

With our team since 2018, Alyssa started working on location at Dr. Boyd’s Veterinary Resort in Rockville, Maryland. She stood out from the crowd, separating herself by quickly ascertaining the multiple protocols, procedures, and systems of a highly diagnostic hospital and resort facility. With daily trip visits of up to 200 clients a day, having a mind for detail, accuracy and thoroughness were clearly detectable. When tasked, Alyssa will examine all the details and aspects of a project and solve problems using ideas that were outside the box of normalcy. Analysis and fact-finding are Alyssa’s strengths. From team-leading to problem-solving, Alyssa can handle difficult situations and steadily manage them using her critical thinking skills.